Với Lâm Thành Chung

Ngày đăng: 07:01:28 03-12-2011

From: Lâm Thành Chung ( Cali - USA )


"Hi chi MON, Hoa, Thach, Hoan, Duc, Hoang mono, Cuong.

It has been a great pleasure seeing you guys again after 32 years.

Thach: Thank you for riding all the way from HOC MON to Sai Gon.

Hoa: Thank you for making this reunion a pleasant one.

Chi Mon: Thank you for dropping by even though you

and I have not known each other well. You are sweet. It is the way to go! I look forward to seeing your comrade HAU.

Hoan: You are a grand father now, aren't you?

Keep up the good work.

Hoang Mono: Thank you for calling . Yes, I will ""nhau lai rai"" with you @ your restaurant in the near future.

Cuong: Just a thank you for dropping by.

Duc: How come your 2nd child is 12 years younger than the 1st one?

""Cup Dien"" or ""the sound of a choo choo train""? He he..

Anyway, my hearfelt thanks to all of you.

Yes, we will meet again in the near future and by that time other classmates will join in (Xa truong, Khanh Long (aka Long thay boi) his sister.............)



Hi Tuan

I forgot to mention you. I am sorry.

Yes, you are part of the gang. No doubt about it.

Thank you for dropping by.


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